Advocating for Fair Redistricting

May 23, 2018

Creating fair systems for redistricting isn’t a straightforward endeavor, but there are several ways to get involved.

First, since each state sets its own rules for redistricting, how you get involved depends on where you live. To figure out how your state draws its district maps, check out this summary by the Brennan Center for Justice, which walks through the processes in different states.

If you live in a state that doesn’t have an independent redistricting commission, call your state legislators to voice your support for one, and ask where they stand on the issue. Common Cause can help you find their contact information.

Check to see if there are citizen efforts in your state to push independent redistricting, again from the Brennan Center.

If you live in one of the few states that does have an independent commission, check out the Campaign Legal Center, which is working across the country to get politics out of districting.

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